Google adds 117 new emojis in the beta of Android 11.

The Unicode consortium had reported that this year it would launch 117 new emojis , well, Google has already made them available to its users of the Android 11 operating system, in its Beta 3 version.

There are 117 new emojis with 55 variants that include skin tone and inclusion of genders

Until now, not all users of Android 11 beta 2 and Android beta 2.5 had access to the new emojis, only some selected by Google to test them. However, now all users who have the Android 11 Beta 3 update available will be able to use the emojis and their variants, both in the GBoard version and in any other keyboard, as long as the support function is available from Google. Not everyone may have access now, but it’s a matter of waiting for the operating system update in the coming days to access the new emojis.

The new Google emojis have an improved design on the existing ones, although they maintain their original style. In addition, 55 variants with different skin tones and figures with diversity of gender are included. In addition, new categories of emojis are added to expand the options of use.

For example, it includes emojis of men and women playing the role of father and mother, or in different professions … which allows the user to choose between all races, genders and ethnicities, those emojis that best suit the idea they want to represent in conversation.

In this way, users can enjoy these new emojis with the redesign of classic emojis from now on. They should take advantage, because according to the Unicode Consortium there will be no more new emojis until 2022, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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By – Kanwaldeep Singh Thakur.

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