Mirzapur season 2 : The violent and revenge story continues (No Spoilers).

Finally, almost after two years, the second season of Mirzapur released today on Amazon Prime Video. According to us it’s even more interesting as well as violent as the first season. The well-cast actors in this season are all in fine form, and make an impression even though each of them deserves the same fate as their hapless victims. Divyenndu and Ali Faizal are terrific in their roles, each managing to earn some sympathies even though their characters are never up to any good. Rasika Dugal has a lovely time slinking around and being the imperfect daughter-in-law who has converted the bedroom into a war zone.  Pankaj Tripathi’s acting is outstanding as always, although he does not have much catchy dialogues like the previous season.

Second season starts with Gangs of Wasseypur’s “Keh ke Lunga ” concept but slowly gets into more of a political path rather than a revenge. The makers knew the importance of the essence of Uttar Pradesh in the show, and they haven’t changed it in this season which in turn is a plus point for this season. Business is still growing and new experiments are still going with the Gun business. The busy screenplay also makes some room for acting veteran Kulbhushan Kharbanda, who plays Akhandanand’s father and the dispenser of gnomic pronouncements on the correct way to stay ahead in the game. The violence in Mirzapur is nearly always gratuitous in its operatic, but Pankaj Tripathi’s nuanced and hugely enjoyable performance is among the grace notes.

While the old characters are still growing in this season the show creators introduced many new characters as well played brilliantly by actors like Vijay Verma, Isha Talwar and Meghna Malik.

The Dialogues, screenplay are the  main reason which makes this season ahead of the previous one.

The second season overall is a treat to watch for those who loved the first season. For the new viewers there’s a lot to catch on. Amazon was promoting this season for almost a year and yes it is worth a while to watch.

Stay safe stay inside!

By – Kanwaldeep Singh Thakur.

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