The unsettling peace of mind.

Corona, corona and corona this is the only thing we have heard this year. We were happy in the beginning Phase when we came to know that we don’t have to drag ourselves to the office every day. Book reading, binge-watching our favorite TV series, cooking and even Indoor gardening looked so possible then.

As the whole world started getting hit by the Pandemic, economic pressure and other negative things, and we were still thinking that we are not going to get affected by it. We were even right about that, why think negative? Right!. We were happy to be doing our job and getting our salary from home. Some of us are happy with this till now.

But there is a other side to this coin of Pandemic, there were some who have struggled from first day of the Pandemic. They were Jobless or they were laid off from work. Many basic issues Rent, food and water were now starting to become a major problem. Ultimately they were forced to leave and go back to their hometown.


Now whether we are working from home or not we all have an unsettling peace of mind which is bothering us . We are sick of watching movies, doing our hobbies. There are no jobs outside, there is no travelling to our favorite places. There are so much negativity in the environment.

Now when we wake up and pick our phone or turn the TV the only thing to see is the number of people tested positive with Corona or died due to it, which is slowly destroying our peace. The only thing we wish now is the potential vaccine.

We have also started to adapt this lifestyle, but is this what we should do? No! Right? We have to learn that every thing in this world is temporary and yes this pandemic is too. There are still many positive things around us we only have to look for the and adapt them. If are sick of our hobbies we have to try a new one there are many, if we are bored with our work from home environment we have to Skill-up and yes if we are finding everything negative online then we should try finding positive things there too.

We have to believe that the end of these difficult time is near because if we don’t then we will be overpowered with the negativity which will destroy much happiness from our life. One should know that you are not alone in this everyone in the world is facing this. As someone once said “Positive thinking is empowering, Positive action is achieving”.

By – Kanwaldeep Singh Thakur.

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Stay safe! Stay Inside.