WhatsApp prepares a new file manager to free up space.

WhatsApp is working on a feature that will improve the storage capacity of the messaging tool. It is a kind of file manager app, currently in the testing phase, which will allow users to free up memory space on their mobile phone more quickly.

“The storage system in which WhatsApp works will be a kind of file manager that will free up space on the mobile”

In WhatsApp many contents of different formats are usually received: videos, audio notes, photos of different qualities, documents … that are stored on the mobile and end up saturating the memory of the computer. And this, many users choose to clear the WhatsApp cache or delete files from the mobile, but this new tool will facilitate the process by allowing files to be managed more quickly natively.

At the moment it is only in the testing phase, so no official launch date is known. It is still in development, but WABetaInfo has already shown an image of what this tool will look like, once it is up and running. Its name is “storage” and it will be located in a new section called “use”. It will be divided into three sections:


Manage WhatsApp files

-The first section has a storage bar that will show users the amount of space that WhatsApp and all its media occupy within the device. In this way, you can better know how much space is free to be used and how much is already committed to the messaging app.

-The second section will show all the documents, videos, photos and files that are sent and received through WhatsApp. This will allow users to review the files that are shared in the app, making it quicker to assess which media is required and which is not. Those that are no longer needed can be removed, freeing up space on your computer quickly. Also, they can sort them, rename them, and carry out more actions.

-The third section will store the different conversations that the user has with their contacts. In this way, you can have immediate access to them and thus search for specific chats.

It is not known if these sections will be linked to another development that WhatsApp has also recently worked on in the testing phase, which will allow advanced  file searches on Android devices.

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By – Kanwaldeep Singh Thakur.

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